IMG_1127Kidz Buzz is a valuable educational resource that is provided free to each student, teacher and parent in the schools. Created by local educators, it is the only publication approved and distributed throughout public schools, private schools, community locations, and family venues.

Each month, the themed editions provide extensive curricular connections, current event topics, opportunities for reading, writing, math and science to teachers within the classroom. Students have the ability to do experiments, to practice creative writing, and to be challenged through Math Workout questions and Brain Buzz puzzles.

Teachers can use Kidz Buzz cover to cover for classroom projects, group activities, extra credit assignments, research projects, writing across the curriculum, and more. They will see an increased engagement and an overall enthusiasm in their students. What a great tool to use to build the connection between home and school. When schools and families work together, a true partnership is formed.


From Educators…

I first saw the newspaper used in another school. It had so many curricular connections. I especially loved the book review section. When I learned that it was free and could provide over a month’s worth of current event topics, I could barely believe it, and have been using it in my school ever since.

(Heather W., Principal, North Hanover Twp.)