buzzer-deskPreschool – 6th Grade students enjoy reading, entering contests, coloring, doing puzzles and learning new things with each new edition of Kidz Buzz. Kids can even send in original artwork to be published in the paper. What a boost of confidence for students to see their name in print and have their colorful creations published like a pro.

Students get excited as each new edition arrives at their school. Each month, they have the opportunity to win prizes by entering contests that challenge them to write original poems, create the highest-winning scrabble word, describe why they like to read, or retell a time when they did something nice and how it made them feel.

The enthusiasm that students display as they participate in all that Kidz Buzz has to offer helps to get them excited about reading and learning. Kids can’t wait to run home and share the paper with their parents…it’s a staple on every kitchen table around town. We are proud to provide a vehicle that challenges the imagination and creativity in students and allows kids to read for fun, which is proven to increase reading achievement and excitement in school.



From kids….

Thank you so much for putting my drawing in the paper. I am so happy. I told my teacher when we got the new paper in our classroom and she had the whole class turn to the page to see it. I read the paper all of the time now because it has the best stuff in it.

(Jackie M., age 8)