Two great poems were written by St. Peter – St. Paul students (My Home by Alberic G. and Home by Leianni B.)


My Home
by Alberic G.

Big, strong, firm, and old…

It will stand no matter what,

Staying forever.

It’s invisible….

You can’t see it, but it’s there,

It’s our glue.

An unspoken fact…

No one says it, but it’s true,

You’re safest at home

-My Home


By Leianni B.

Home is my
protective covering.
It’s the one place
I feel safe.
It’s a word that
I never take for granted.

Home is my
safe haven.
It’s small and tight,
and occupied by others.
Yet it’s big, to me,
in my heart.

Home is a place
I know inside out.
I know it in a way
no one else does.
Even with my eyes closed,
I know home.

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