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Girl Scout Cookies go on sale this week

girl-scout-cookiesWhat’s Your Favorite?

We all have our favorite cookies that we can’t seem to get enough of each year. But did you ever wonder why sometimes they taste different, or look the same and have a different name? It’s because the Girl Scouts use two different bakeries to distribute the cookies. The Thin Mint cookie that’s “crunchier, with more mint than chocolate” comes from Virginia-based bakery ABC Cookies. The cookie with “a distinct peppermint taste” is produced by Kellogg’s Little Brownie Bakers located in Louisville, Kentucky. Most of the U.S. gets its cookies from Little Brownie Bakers, but major cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, and Orlando are getting cookies from ABC Cookies.

Regardless of the baker, Thin Mints are called Thin Mints in any city. However, “Samoas” can be called “Caramel deLites”, “Tagalongs” can be called “Peanut Butter Patties”, “Do-si-dos,” can be called “Peanut Butter Sandwich”, “Trefoils” can be called “Shortbread”, and “Savannah Smiles” can be called “Lemonades”.

Two different bakers are used to produce two different types of the “same” cookie because the annual cookie operation is massive.   Each year, Girl Scouts sell about 200 million boxes, which equates to $800 million worth. The most popular cookie, Thin Mints make up 25% of the entire sales, which is $200 million.

“Having more than one baker allows us to have greater production capacity to support the Girl Scout Cookie Program,” a spokesperson told Business Insider.   “During our busiest point in the season, our bakers make about 9 million Thin Mints daily.”

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