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Ella Mozzarella and her proud sister

classic-cakeAn inspirational and heart-warming day was had by all who packed Classic Cake in Cherry Hill yesterday to hear Ella’s story, “I SOLD MY SISTER.”  Ella, a 9 year old published author, captivated the audience at the Kids Club Book Reading and Signing.  She opened with jokes to warm up the audience, read her wonderful story and answered questions about herself, her family and future books in the making.  She even drew personal illustrations as she autographed her book for the line that was waiting to meet her.

At the age of five, Ella was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF) and underwent 16 months of chemotherapy and total loss of vision in her left eye. NF may cause Ella many challenges but she remains positive and courageous as she lives life vibrantly.

photoThrough it all, Ella has remained positive and has even organized numerous volunteer/charity projects that have benefited hundreds in our local area. As part of this effort, a portion of “I SOLD MY SISTER” book proceeds go to the Children’s Tumor Foundation and Camp Sunshine!  Classic Cake joined this effort and donated 10% of sales yesterday to Ella’s charities.

Ella is an inspiration and wrote her book to let other kids know that you can follow your dreams and overcome any obstacle if you believe in yourself and never give up!


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