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Don’t worry if you missed pumpkin picking

hay_wagonDid you miss taking a hayride out to the farm to pick pumpkins this year?  You’re not alone…..we did.  But what was even better was going with friends on a quiet day last week when school was closed to pick broccoli, sweet potatoes and popcorn…yes popcorn!!!  Whether you go to Springdale Farms, Johnson’s Farm, or another local farm in the area, a fun time is waiting for you and your family.

Our kids, ages 5, 8 and 9 had so much fun picking out the greenest head of broccoli, digging in the dirt for the coolest-shaped sweet potatoes, and pulling ears of corn right off the stalks that were taller than all of us.

We’re making a big pot of broccoli soup this week and can’t wait to pop the popcorn.  Did you know that it pops right off the cob when inside a paper bag in the microwave?  It’s amazing and delicious!

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